Radwende inside the Wiesbaden Museum of Fine Art

Imagine that cars no longer blocked the sidewalks, and you could savour the architecture around you. The Kaiser-Friedrich-Ring was equally accessible for bikers and drivers. The traffic were slower, but more efficient overall. The air would be clean and parents no longer worrying about their children biking to school. Utopia? Cities like Zurich and Copenhagen have proven that these scenarios can become a reality. Therefore, we have a proposition for Wiesbaden: the “Radwende“ campaign.

Contribute to the design of Wiesbaden’s cityscape and become part of the art installation

The “Radwende“ art installation is currently presented inside the Wiesbaden Museum of Fine Art, giving all bicyclists in Wiesbaden a platform to contribute. Everyone who rides a bike in Wiesbaden can become a part of the artwork. Here’s how it works:

  1. Install the “Radwende“ app on your phone
  2. Ride your bike and trace the paths using the “Radwende” app
  3. On the following day at 3:00 p.m., a drawing robot inside the museum will visualize your route, creating a map of a more bike-friendly city

You can reserve the installation for a day and purchase the drawing afterwards.

If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail (mail@s-v.de) with your favorite date or just give us a call: 0611-18099-190

An art installation by Manfred Kraft, Tom Kresin and Michael Volkmer

Place of display: Museum Wiesbaden, Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 2, 65185 Wiesbaden

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Our Goal

More people in Wiesbaden on bikes

The city of Wiesbaden was proclaimed the least bike friendly city in all of Germany in a study of the country’s cyclist club ADFC. To blame is the bike-hostile infrastructure, but also a lack of respect for cyclists and a missing lobby. We are trying to change that! But we need your help, bicyclists. Our app makes bikers and their paths in Wiesbaden more visible and allows them to contribute to the design of the cityscape.

We can accomplish it through the use of the actual infrastructure itself, your journeys down the city streets. The principle is quite simple: We trace the path of each person individually, drawing his or her journey through the city streets, with lines growing thicker where people ride the most. The resulting map is a striking visualization of bicycle traffic in real-time. It will be utilized as planning criteria for future bicycle infrastructure and as an instrument for lobbying.


Tracking paths

Here’s how you can contribute: Simply start tracking before every commute through the city and stop it once you arrive. Your paths will be tracked automatically.


Leave your mark

All routes tracked in Wiesbaden will be collected in one map. It creates a clear picture of just where in the city the most important routes are.


Changing traffic

Together we will become visible and gain a relevant voice in the city. Our map will be used as planning criteria for bicycle infrastructure in Wiesbaden.

Join in and change Wiesbaden

Download the App. (Only available in German App-Store) appstore playstore

Radwende in your country, too?

Unfortunately, so far the app is only available in Germany. If you think that your country needs a Radwende, too, we are happy to make that happen. We do need financial backing however. If you have a partner or sponsor in mind, please forward the information and we will try to make it happen in your country.

Thank you very much!
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